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  • Workplace Violence Against Nurses

    Jana Alley is an amazing trauma nurse who has experience violence at the workplace multiple times. It got to the point she couldn’t work the bedside anymore. This is an experience many nurses go through. Join me as I talk with Jana about her experience and how you can move forward if you have experienced…

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  • Meditation In Nursing

    Meditation In Nursing

    Newest Health Nurse Connection Podcast Episode Meditation is a great way to help clear the mind and calm the soul, but how do you incorporate medication into you nursing career? What is it and can you really make it work for you? On this episode we are talking with Nicole Johnson, an ICU nurse, who…

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  • It Is Okay to Have Emotions

    Nurses are great at holding onto their emotions to get through their shift, but what happens when we continuously suppress emotion. Join me in my conversation with Aaron Washburn about how we can tap into our emotions in an effective way to help us move beyond burnout and prevent burnout in the future. How to…

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