5 Ways Tea Can Bring Peace and Calm to Your Life

Life can be stressful and overwhelming at times. Work, kids, bills, etc. There are many days when I feel like there is too much to do and no time to get anything done.

One trick I use to reduce my stress when my head feels like it’s just spinning is to take a tea break. 

Taking a moment to step out of my crazy life and enjoy a cup of tea not only resets my brain and mood but brings a moment of peace and relaxation into my life. 

If you need more calm in your life, look for these 5 tea ingredients when choosing your cup of tea.  


The cool and refreshing taste of peppermint not only provides fresher breath but can activate the body’s parasympathetic system (Kenda, 2022). This system helps your body relax after a stressful event. It is a great tea to drink when stepping away from a stressful moment. 


This is an ancient herbal plant that has been used for thousands of years to treat minor ailments and is a popular tea that is well known for its sedative effects. One theory behind why it works so well is because this ancient herb may bind with the brain’s benzodiazepine receptors which activate a calm, sleepy feeling (Jabri, 2022). This tea is best used at the end of the day when you can move into full relaxation mode. 


The beautiful, highly fragrant lavender flower may relieve mild symptoms of mental stress and exhaustion (Kenda, 2022). If you are trying to unwind from your day, this would be a great tea to set off your relaxation mood. If you are trying to take a moment to relax but are not looking to fall asleep, you could try – lavender tea mixed with black or green tea. This would provide your moment of relaxation and give you the kickstart you need to continue your work. 


Have you ever been told to stop and smell the roses? Well, there may be more to it than just taking a moment to appreciate nature. It is possible the fragrance of the roses, along with the rose oil from the plant could have an anxiolytic effect on the body or, in other words, reduce anxiety (Nemati, 2015). Using this ingredient in your tea may give you a cup full of relaxation.


Matcha is a Japanese green tea that has been ground into a fine powder. Instead of just soaking the green tea leaves for flavor, you whisk the green leaf powder into hot water, allowing you to consume the entire leaf. Since you are taking in the entire leaf and not just the byproduct from steeping the leaves, the nutrient benefits escalate, one being the leaf’s ability to reduce stress. 

Importance of taking a moment

While some of the research about these ingredients is limited, it is still important to find a stress-reducing activity to help you unwind after  a long or difficult day. If you are looking for new ways to reduce stress, tea may be something you can easily incorporate into your day. 

Check out the following teas below and take a chance on one or two of them. 

From my favorite Tea Shop: Whimsy Tea Company

Favorites teas from Amazon:

*It is important to check ingredients for any allergies you may have. Consuming a product you are allergic to can be harmful to your health. 

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